Frequently Asked Questions

Where can a TinyHome be set up?

A TinyHome is a fully-fledged building and is therefore subject to the building regulations and specifications in your area. This means that a TinyHome may only be built on a site for which a building permit can be issued.
However, our clever floor plan and construction concept open up many more possibilities than you might think today. A TinyHome simply requires less space for great living quality. This opens up brand new possibilities in many places. There are often suitable gaps between buildings or the possibility of adding a TinyHome house to an existing building.

Where there is a will, there is also a way!

Do you have a vacant plot, a building gap or a vacant area on an already developed plot? Just take a look at your development plan: on many properties, there is still a building surface available for a TinyHome house of 50m².
Just tell us what you are dreaming of and where you want to build, we will be happy to check the implementation possibilities and submit a proposal on how it could work!

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