The cool little house!

Plenty of freedom inside

Whether it is a small individual house of 42m², a house of 73m² for two people or a cosy family nest of 96m², we build the house your dreams: you can let your imagination run free!

Elegant, smart, practical: everything you'd expect from the house of your dreams!

Simply smart

There's everything you need to live a really comfortable life. An ingenious floor plan, a systematic reduction to what's really essential, good building techniques without frills, many clever details: everything has been thought out to make everyday life in your home easy and pleasant. A TinyHome is therefore not a compromise, but a real house in which you can simply enjoy life.

Simply beautiful

What pleases the eyes, pleases the soul. Clear geometric shapes, simple elegance, harmonious proportions and carefully selected materials give each TinyHome house a remarkable style without being flashy. In addition, we systematically avoid anything that is superfluous in terms of design. A TinyHome house is simply beautiful and gives its occupant a feeling of comfort, lightness and freedom.

Simply valuable

Well designed, well built, your home will last a lifetime. Every TinyHome is a fully-fledged house and naturally meets all the requirements for statics, durability, healthy living and energy saving. The use of high-quality materials and a very high degree of prefabrication in the production process make it possible to reliably meet the highest quality requirements.


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